CV - Curriculum Vitae - Cover Letter templates & samples

Unique CV and Cover Letter Samples
prepared by recruitment specialists.

24 CV Templates (See also: 20 Cover Letter examples)

We prepared a set of CV templates that will distinguish you from the hundreds of other candidates. The package - which you can download in a while - contains twenty four exceptional resumes in MS Word format. They will also work with Open Office and Word for Mac.

The templates are divided into three groups:

Modern templates - more graphics, less text space. They will suit students, graduates and candidates with no, or moderate job experience. Smart layout will catch the recruiter's eye. Best when the first impression counts.

Universal templates - less fancy but still eye-catching. Best fit for people with 2-3 years job experience. Good balance between graphics and content.

Professional templates - grayscale graphics, more text space, conservative. Suitable for professionals, mid-level management and posts where you have to present yourself exhaustively. Subtle graphics is building a positive background for your content.

More details:

You get 24 different templates - available for download right now!
The templates are easy to edit and adjust (even for Word beginners)
All documents contain original and exceptional graphics
Each CV has an exemplary content which can be an inspiration
The templates work on Microsoft Office or Open Office. Mac, PC and Linux.
You can pay with credit/debit card or Paypal via secure connections
Satisfaction guaranteed or money back!

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