CV - Curriculum Vitae - Cover Letter templates & samples

Unique CV and Cover Letter Samples
prepared by recruitment specialists.

20 Cover Letters (See also: 24 CURRICULUM VITAE TEMPLATES)

Get the set of 20 example cover letters for various positions. They are based on real life examples, which we have reviewed, altered and corrected. Read through all the letters and soon you will have ready ideas for your own application. Cover letters are editable in MS word or Open Office; each letter has different design. Choose one of elegant layouts to emphasize you personality.

The idea behind cover letters:

The package contains 20 cover letters for various positions – but its purpose is not about providing ready text for copying. It is designed to inspire you while writing your own, unique cover letter – the one, which will correspond with your personality and your career goals.

We advise you to read through all of the letters and realize what they have in common. You will find a unique blend of modesty, confidence and style, outcome of which is smart self-promotion. It’s learning by watching others’ good work. You will instantly find yourself on the right track.

More details:

You get 20 example cover letters – available for download right now!
The examples are designed to inspire you while writing your application
Once and for all they will teach you how to produce an exceptional cover letter
Each document has an exemplary content which can be an inspiration
They will work on Microsoft Office or Open Office. Mac, PC and Linux.
You can pay with credit/debit card or Paypal via secure connections
Satisfaction guaranteed or money back!

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