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Sample testimonials:


"Having your application written by a career consultant is simply money-wise if you earn more than 10 pounds per hour. I've lost 2 days trying to fix my CV - with poor effects. They made it PERFECT and charged my 3-hour wage."




'I thought you would just put my data in some nice format (which is worth the money by itself) but I am really amazed by the final effect. Each sentence looks polished!"



" (...) I was pretty doubtful, cause I already lost time and money with other "professional" company. But only good surprises this time. To make it short: I AM VERY SATISFIED!!



"It's extremely hard to find a specialist who would straightforwardly share the insider information and tell you how things work on >the opposite side of the desk<. Now I feel much more confident when talking to headhunters."




"(...) I'll recommend you to my mom, she also needs a descent CV".









































cv and cover letter writing. made to order.

Here you can order CV and Cover Letter writing tailored to your specific needs.

what do we offer?

Most often, our Clients hire us to:

  • Write a cover letter in response to a particular job advert.
  • Re-write, re-design an old CV and bring it to current standards.
  • Write an application letter suitable for executive search companies
  • Perform a critical analysis of the application, point out weak areas and produce improvement tips.
  • Adjust the CV/Resume/Cover Letter to a different job-market (Europe, USA, Australia, Asia, Africa)

We have also worked on:

  • Writing a script for a video-CV placed on YouTube
  • Application letters for the positions of prison guard, skydiving instructor and nanny manager :-)
  • Preparing a universal e-mail for direct job search through LinkedIn and similar websites.

We specialize in:  mid-level management positions, sales positions, experts, artists and freelancers, major career changes and CV gaps. All other non-typical cases are welcome.

who needs our help?

Customers who order the tailored service usually have 6-10 years of professional experience and need to perform lifting or a major update of their application documents.

Very often we get requests from intensively working people who have lost touch with job-market over the last couple of years. Such individuals are searching for:

  • Having a brand new CV and Cover Letter written by a specialist.
  • Feedback on their CV and Cover Letter.
  • Professional assessment of their chances in the recruitment process.
  • Help in summing up, categorizing and emphasizing their experience.
  • Guidance with planning a new career.

our team is run by two consultants: Mirek and Michael, both with background in executive search. We have direct experience in sales, marketing and IT/Internet sectors. We personally manage each order and do most of the work ourselves.

We also manage a virtual team of 6 other HR professionals across the globe (UK, USA, Australia, Asia, South Africa) – each of them working in different field of business: automotive, FMCG, telecoms, medical, production and finance/banking.


what is the procedure?

First - we need to get acquainted with your CV/Resume, no matter how bad it may look like right now. In case you do not have any CV, we will ask you to fill a simple web form. Second – we need to know where you are going to apply. Preferably, we would like to see the job-advert. If you do not have it – please describe the position you want to apply for.

Having this basic information, we will ask additional questions – so be prepared to answer at least two e-mails from us. Once we have all important details, we get down to work on your application.

Each case is a challenge and you can expect a very individual approach. If you are looking for quality, you’ve come to the right place.

Fill in the form below and attach your CV if you have it. One of our consultants will contact you within couple of hours, give you the exact pricing, answer your questions and explain further steps. We need 2 to 4 days to produce your brand new CV and Cover Letter. You can pay with credit/debit card or PayPal.
CV and Cover Letter experts since 2004.

Worldwide experience.


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