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ABOUT THE AUTHORS was set up in 2004 by Mirek and Michael – two friends, both having experience in Human Resources and Executive Search. The idea originated in Poland, but soon spread to Great Britain which long remained the main market. We are now working on German, French and American versions of templates.

Mirek says:

Before setting up my own business I have worked for an international headhunting company, where selecting CVs was my daily routine. Many CVs were poor and that is how I came up with idea of CV4YOU. I believe that a fresh and sparkling CV announces an interesting candidate. The mantra I promote is: "You only have one chance to make a good first impression".

Michael says:

I have spent hundreds of workdays digging through the applications and examining candidates. It's essential to have a good CV and cover letter; otherwise you are simply not noticed. But good doesn't only mean good-looking. You need a lot of conscious effort while preparing your application. My advice is: "Respect your time and think where you apply".

We constantly improve our CV designs and Cover Letter templates. Four times a year we apply latest trends to produce new Curriculum Vitae layouts. Today you may already download the latest version.

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